(06/17/2024 / sbr)

Frontwood® by Södra is being used for interior design in Construction City

Södra’s Frontwood® has been chosen for parts of the interior design in Construction City to create a unique and harmonious impression. The ongoing construction of Construction City, a 100,000 square meter office building, are expected to be completed by?2025. With a vision of establishing a hub for innovations, the project’s architect has focused on wood as the central building material. Using wood as interior material fosters an inviting atmosphere and promotes well-being.

“I’m excited about Södra´s contribution to the interior design of this project. Frontwood® is a wood product well-suited for creating a vibrant expression and promoting well-being. Construction City’s new building will serve as a living example of how wood can harmonize beauty, functionality, and sustainability”, says Lars Broström, Sales Manager for facades and interior cladding at Södra.

Why Frontwood® by Södra?

“The combination of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability makes?our Frontwood® an excellent selection for enhancing the interior. Wood is a renewable material and a sustainable alternative to fossil-based materials. With proper maintenance, wood cladding can last for many years. It also has sound-absorbing properties. Wood reduces echoes and enhances acoustics, making it ideal for environments where people meet and collaborate. The unique colour and texture of wood provide warmth and authenticity to the interior. This creates an atmosphere that positively impacts both performance and well-being.”

Frontwood® by Södra, made from spruce, is an excellent choice for?interior cladding. Some of the unique advantages are:

  • Natural expression: The Frontwood-board provides a clean and neat expression that aligns perfectly with?Construction City’s vision.

  • Adaptability: It can be?fire-retardant-treated,?heat-treated,?coloured, and processed in various ways to meet specific requirements.

  • Creative freedom: With different finishes, Frontwood® offers opportunities for creativity and design variation.