(04/11/2022 / sbr)

Andritz supplies Metris BOA platform to Denmark

International technology group Andritz has received an order from Forsyning Helsingør in Denmark to supply a Metris BOA measurement and analysis system including boiler operation advisor apps. Metris BOA – developed by Andritz – is a web app that utilizes live data as well as historical data from the plant to optimize and analyze power plant processes and monitor the equipment installed.

Tailored operation advisor apps will actively support the operator in increasing the efficiency of the boiler, detect opportunities to improve consumption values, and help start processes according to operational needs. Furthermore, automatically generated performance reports comparing current data with data from previous periods provide information at a glance for overall management of the power plant. The Andritz Metris BOA platform will be integrated into the control architecture as a third layer of automation and control together with the boiler protection and plant automation systems (DCS).

This is the second time that Metris BOA will be installed in an existing plant, thus demonstrating the need for support tools to improve operation in the power plant market.

The order illustrates Andritz’s road map from digital advisor to digital operator for power boilers. Andritz is proud to make another important contribution towards autonomous power boilers.

Photo: Adobe Stock