New biobased packaging, sustainable textiles and second generation biorefineries

Innventia is involved in three new European projects aiming for innovative solutions for a future bioeconomy. PULPACKTION will develop packaging solutions for specific food and electronic packaging applications.

Borregaard receives EUR 25 million in EU funding for Exilva

Borregaard has received a funding commitment of EUR 25 million (NOK 232 million), for the development and commercialisation of Exilva, Borregaard’s microfibrillar cellulose.

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UPM's support of the "Local waters" school project enables the project to expand nationwide

UPM supports a school project called "Local waters". Originally launched in schools in the city of Rauma, the project will expand to other UPM mill locations in Finland in 2016. The project aims to improve grammar and encourage secondary school students to become more interested in natural sciences-particularly natural science related to water-by exploring the natural waters in the vicinity of the schools.

Biopac's coffee cups are 100% compostable

Biopac coffee cups are produced from certified sustainable board and unlike a conventional coffee cup (lined with a plastic film), Biopac’s cups are lined with a plant starch material to make the cup leakproof. Using a starch film, means that the cups are fully compostable in just 12 weeks and can be disposed of, along with food waste, via ‘In-Vessel’ composting.

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Valmet to supply a wood pellet heating plant to the Helen Salmisaari power plant in Helsinki, Finland

Valmet will supply a wood pellet heating plant to Helen Oy's Salmisaari power plant. The wood pellet plant will enable Helen to increase the use of bio fuels in district heat production in Helsinki. The new plant helps the city of Helsinki to meet its aim of increasing its production of renewable energy. The start-up of the heating plant is expected to take place at the beginning of 2018.

Production test factory for fossil free fuel is built in Bäckhammar

RenFuel and Nordic Paper have signed an agreement to build a production test facility in Bäckhammar in the region of Värmland, in order to test manufacture an advanced biofuel based on lignin. The project has been granted 71 million SEK by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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