Development of LignoCity to boost new businesses in bioeconomy

Using the testbed LignoCity in Kristinehamn, Sweden, RISE together with partners has shown how lignin can be used to produce both bioplastics, biocoatings, bioresins, biofuels as well as carbon fibre for lightweight applications and energy storage. Now a new project is being launched to further develop LignoCity and help startups and small and medium-sized companies develop new green businesses with lignin as a base.

Domsjö releases Cellulose Ultra, a cleaner cellulose product that can be used in high quality segments

Domsjö Fabrikers new cellulose product is now ready for the market. Domsjö Cellulose Ultra is a cleaner cellulose product that can be used in high quality segments. The product will be celebrated with an event on June 19th. ?

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McDonald’s announces rollout of paper straws

McDonald’s restaurants in the UK and Ireland will complete transition to paper straws in 2019; McDonald’s restaurants in Belgium are trialing alternatives to plastic straws and tests are planned for select restaurants in the U.S., France, Sweden, Norway and Australia later this year

IKEA makes global commitment to remove all single-use plastic products

IKEA launches new People & Planet Positive strategy making a global commitment to remove all single-use plastic products in the range by 2020. Additional commitments, which will be achieved by 2030, aim to inspire and enable people to live more sustainably, reduce their climate impact, contribute to a world without waste and create a more fair and equal society.

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Valmet and Fortum take development of bio-oil into transportation fuels to new level in collaboration with Preem

Valmet and Fortum are developing a technology to produce advanced, high-value lignocellulosic fuels, such as transportation fuels or higher value bio-liquids. The technology is seen as one of the most competitive and efficient ways of producing advanced lignocellulosic biofuels to meet European targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

UPM Biofuels enters the bioplastics market with new partners

UPM is committed to creating value from sustainable bioinnovations. In addition to renewable diesel, the UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery produces renewable naphtha - an excellent raw material for bioplastics. It can be transformed into renewable resins needed to create bioplastics, e.g. for the packaging industry.

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