Rewarding Sustainable Forest Management practices will enhance biodiversity and climate resilience of EU forests

Last week, the European Commission was hosting the “International Conference on Forests for Biodiversity and Climate” in Brussels to discuss pressures on EU forest ecosystems due to, among others, climate change as well as how to best protect forests and their biodiversity for a climate neutral and climate resilient land.


Ahlstrom-Munksjö joins SEAM, a sustainability initiative for the abrasive industry

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has joined the Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers (SEAM) program, a new initiative to improve sustainability of the abrasive industry. SEAM was launched on January 21, 2020 by the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA), which represents over 80% of the abrasive product producers in Europe. The objective of the program is to support and assist abrasive manufacturers in their efforts to achieve sustainable growth and improvements in sustainability, primarily in production and distribution. The program wants to have all players in the supply chain contributing to the European sustainability system.


Resolute invests $38 million in its Kénogami mill in Quebec

Resolute Forest Products Inc. today announced the construction of a commercial plant specializing in the production of cellulose filaments, a new sustainable biomaterial derived from wood fiber, at its Kénogami paper mill in Quebec as well as the optimization of the mill, at a total cost of $38 million.


Kelheim Fibres a Frontrunner in CanopyStyle “Hot-Button“ Ranking

In the 2019 “Hot-Button” report issued by the forest conservation organisation Canopy, Kelheim Fibres attained a “green shirt” ranking. This result underlines the company‘s excellent performance as regards to raw material sourcing. Many fashion brands already value the “Hot-Button” report as a reliable indicator for sustainability for viscose fibre producers.


Studies confirm that Walki Plastiroll´s Bioska films have fast biodegradability

It’s a proven fact: the biodegradability of Walki’s Bioska films are among the fastest on the market. The Finnish environment Institute (SYKE) has conducted studies to measure the biodegradability of bio-based and biodegradable plastics. Walki Plastiroll´s Bioska films were one of those plastics that had the fastest biodegradability.


Forest-Based Industries Vision 2050

In light of the climate crisis, the European Forest-Based Industries, including the pulp, paper and other fibre-based product industries, the woodworking industries, the producers of furniture, the bio-energy sector and the printing industry, have come together to present their vision of the European society in 2050 and the essential role that they can play, delivering on the carbon neutrality goal.


Metsä Group launches Green Finance Framework

Metsä Group’s Green Finance Framework integrates sustainability and climate change mitigation to the Group’s investments and related financing activities. The framework is based on the Group’s strategy and the strategic sustainability objectives for 2030. The framework covers the whole value chain from sustainably managed Northern forests to modern production technologies and to current and new bioproducts that are recyclable and store carbon for the entire life-span.


Metsä Group’s Pulp and Sawn timber industry recognized for outstanding achievement in sustainability

Metsä Fibre, Metsä Group’s pulp and sawn timber industry, has been awarded for the company’s sustainability work by the EFQM Global Excellence Award. The company won the Outstanding Achievement for Sustainability Award and reached the EFQM rating Recognised for Excellence 6 Stars. EFQM organisation gave the Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability Award to Metsä Fibre for the excellent work the company has done in promoting and continuously developing sustainability. Metsä Fibre received special thanks for the ways it takes sustainability into account in its investments and action plans, and for the way sustainability is reflected in the corporate culture at all levels of the organisation.


Valmet included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index among the world's sustainability leaders

Valmet has progressed well with its Sustainability360° agenda emphasizing continuous improvement of sustainable business practices. As one proof of the good progress, Valmet has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) already for the sixth consecutive year. The company was listed both in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices. The total number of companies included this year in the DJSI World for 2019-2020 is 318. The comprehensive ranking evaluates companies’ economic, environmental and social performance.


Climate change, forest management and bio-plastics take center stage at the World Bioeconomy Forum held in Ruka, Finland

The second World BioEconomy Forum held in the Finnish resort town of Ruka ended today with eight declarations agreed upon by delegates from across the globe. The three-day event kicked off with a update on the latest European Bioeconomy Strategy and action plan launched last year from Elisabetta Balzi, head of the Bioeconomy Unit at the European Commission. The latest strategy, with funds of Euro 10 billion for research into food and natural resources for the years 2021-27, is now in full swing in its implementation and Balzi gave a comprehensive, detailed presentation of where resources are being allocated.