Stora Enso’s lignin wins IChemE Innovative Product Award

LineoTM by Stora Enso, a lignin-based product launched by the renewable materials company earlier this year, has been awarded ‘Innovative Product Award 2018’ by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

Sappi launches Verve – sustainable dissolving wood pulp for a thriving world

Building on its reputation for quality, service and responsibility, Sappi today moved to strengthen its leadership in the dissolving wood pulp (DWP) market with the launch of the Sappi Verve brand.

The European Biopolymer Summit 2019

The 6th Edition of ACI's The European Biopolymer Summit will be taking place in Ghent, Belgium on the 13th – 14th February 2019. The two day event will give you an insight into the latest updates on the environmental projects, the feedstock’s landscape, and the role of biopolymers in the circular economy, application, new technologies and many more.

Stora Enso invests in building a Competence Centre and diversifying the raw material base for biocomposites

In order to meet increasing customer demand, Stora Enso will broaden its biocomposites raw material base at the Hylte Mill, Sweden to provide more choice in technical properties and selection of fibres.

Domtar Invests in Prisma Renewable Composites

With its investment, Domtar will help commercialize the process of using lignin to make engineered plastic compounds such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and other high-value fiber and lignin applications.

Marco Lucisano new head of RISE Bioeconomy

RISE appoints Marco Lucisano as new head of the division Bioeconomy. Marco Lucisano will take office on August 1, 2018.

Rengo to Develop New Cellulose Nanofiber Through Application of Cellophane Production Technology

Rengo Co., Ltd. has applied cellulose production technology to develop Xanthated Cellulose Nanofiber (XCNF®), a new cellulose nanofiber. Cellulose nanofiber is a fibrous substance made by microfiberizing cellulose in wood cellulose fiber to the nanometer level* using chemical or mechanical processes. It is said to have one fifth the weight of steel but five times its strength.

Borregaard: LignoTech Florida plant officially opened

The 110 million USD investment represents a production capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes lignin measured as dry substance. In a planned second phase, the capacity can later be expanded by 50,000 tonnes. The plant has been in test operation for some time, and the facility is now producing saleable lignin. At the time of the opening ceremony 600 tonnes had been delivered to US customers in June.

Development of LignoCity to boost new businesses in bioeconomy

Using the testbed LignoCity in Kristinehamn, Sweden, RISE together with partners has shown how lignin can be used to produce both bioplastics, biocoatings, bioresins, biofuels as well as carbon fibre for lightweight applications and energy storage. Now a new project is being launched to further develop LignoCity and help startups and small and medium-sized companies develop new green businesses with lignin as a base.

Domsjö releases Cellulose Ultra, a cleaner cellulose product that can be used in high quality segments

Domsjö Fabrikers new cellulose product is now ready for the market. Domsjö Cellulose Ultra is a cleaner cellulose product that can be used in high quality segments. The product will be celebrated with an event on June 19th. ?