Southern Lithoplate Launches Integra 830 P

Southern Lithoplate has announced the launch of an addition to its thermal lithoplate portfolio that builds on the success of the popular Cobra 830 negative-working plate. The new-generation Integra 830 P is a positive-working, no-prebake thermal printing plate for today’s quality-driven, costconscious pressrooms.

“The market has come to rely on Southern Lithoplate’s continuing investment in thermal plate technology,” said Steve Mattingly, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The commercial-quality Cobra 830 delivers exceptional resolution and print fidelity. As a complement to the Cobra 830, the Integra 830 P fully meets the market’s request for an alternative positive-working commercial lithoplate. The Integra 830 P technology provides advantages in dot reproduction, productivity, and materials usage. Commercial printers can produce superior work with greater savings in consumables, materials, and labor.”

The Integra 830 P introduces a cost-effective and easy-to-use plate solution. The Integra 830 P lithoplate images and processes fast. The plates are truly linear in prepress and maintain stability on press, making them especially attractive for general commercial, publication, and packaging printing in both sheetfed and web pressroom environments.

Integra 830 P plates’ linear response to laser exposure and consistency in processing result in images and dots that are solid, stable, and predictable. This eliminates timeconsuming guesswork associated with curve maintenance.

Southern Lithoplate’s proprietary multistage grain structure delivers incredibly consistent ink-and-water balance on press. The high ink receptivity in the image area ensures quick makereadies and eliminates restart waste. Using less water and ink minimizes costs while making print quality control much easier for press operators.

Rated at 1-99% resolution at 200 lpi and capable of 10 micron FM screening, Integra 830 P plates can produce up to 200,000 impressions out of the box. When long run lengths are required, it is possible to achieve up to 1 million impressions with baking. The “true” postbake option enables greater resistance to abrasion and chemicals for the most demanding work.