Océ launches innovative portfolio for technical document systems

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery and member of the Canon Group, today announced the launch of its innovative new portfolio for technical document systems. A complete range of new systems and services are being introduced to help technical users take advantage of advances in technical document printing.

Cooperation changes the future of technical document printingThis new portfolio for the technical document market confirms the commitment of Océ and Canon to this industry. While many manufacturers are reducing their investment in this area, Océ and Canon have set out a clear strategy that includes continued investment and development of new technologies to help customers produce their documents faster and more cost-effectively. Erik van Eldik, Océ Vice President, Technical Document Systems says, “We are seeing a shift in the technical market as companies face the challenges of remaining competitive in the current economic climate. We developed this new portfolio to address the practical needs of technical users. They are looking for more productivity and flexibility in using their systems. They also want to waste as little time and energy costs as possible. Our new portfolio offers ways for every company to get more out of their equipment investment.”

Océ Plotwave 350 printing system – mobile printing flexibility and speed designed for workgroups and walk up users

This fast and flexible large format monochrome printer helps businesses save time and money on their document production. Many decisions in the technical world are made on site, and documents need to be updated and produced on the fly. With the new Océ MobilePlot App for iPad and the new Océ Mobile WebTools, users that have access to a WiFi router in their network can retrieve technical files from their cloud using an iPhone, Blackberry, Android device, iPad or other mobile device and send a print request to their printer. Built with an enhanced version of the unique energy efficient Océ Radiant Fusing technology, this system can print up to 6 A1 or D-size plots in one minute, with virtually no warm-up time.

Océ Colorwave 650 printing system – productive black & white and color printing in one

Now it is possible to print, copy and scan in black & white and color – on a single device without sacrificing productivity or quality. The Océ Colorwave 650 printing system uses proven, award-winning winning Océ CrystalPoint® technology to deliver outstanding performance. It can print in black & white and color at up to 225 A1 prints per hour for all round productivity. The system can hold up to six media rolls and prints come out dry, cut to size and ready to use. Copy and scan templates simplify routine tasks. With the integrated folder users can print folded document sets from their desktop.

Océ Plotwave 900 printer – the fastest monochrome printer for high production printing

Printing professionals get serious power to handle high volumes with the Océ Plotwave 900 printing system, the most productive printer in its class. This system is the next evolution of the award-winning Océ TDS800 Pro system with proven Océ technologies. The Océ Plotwave 900 is guaranteed to run for three million meters or eleven years, even in a high-volume environment. Its print quality offers further savings. Every year millions are lost in technical industries due to misinterpreted drawings from poor-quality reproductions. The Océ Plotwave 900 delivers the best reproduction quality in its class, thanks to 600 x 1200 dpi print quality, advanced image processing and the Océ Copy Press technology.

Eneo – document distribution made easy

Distributing documents in the technical world is often laborious, time-consuming and lacks transparency for the people involved. This process is compounded by the short lead times, complex information and frequent changes involved with technical documents. Eneo is a web service which facilitates fast and easy document distribution. Users can easily upload documents to Eneo, select recipients and keep an overview of distribution, which saves time for both sender and recipient. The recipient can view, download and allow documents to be printed within the Eneo Print Network. This new service has been developed at Document Services Valley, an independent foundation launched by Océ and two other partners.

Document Services Valley is an independent foundation launched by Océ, Maastricht University and Exser in 2007. Document Services Valley is committed to understanding and extending document services innovation through open innovation. Its ambition is to create a physical and virtual location for co-creation in the Document Services Valley Open Innovation Center. This will be coupled with a Business Services School where the application of business services innovation can be studied, developed and disseminated.

Océ Recycled White Zero paper – new carbon neutral paper for wide format printing

As part of its commitment to developing sustainable products, Océ has extended its portfolio of sustainable paper with a carbon neutrally produced paper for wide format printing. Océ Recycled White Zero is produced in an integrated mill that uses recycled pulp. It is environmentally friendly through the entire chain and FSC recycled. This white, smooth paper has been tested according to the strictest quality standards of Océ for integrity and strength. It is available in rolls for any Océ and third party wide format printing system.