Packbridge: Agreement with China Packaging Federation

On October 17th a MoU agreement was solemnly signed between Packbridge and the China Packaging Federation, which has 6,000 members. The signing took place as a prelude to the leading international conference Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge 2012 in Lund, Sweden.

The agreement is designed to enhance cooperation, information exchange and networking, which in turn will lead to innovation, knowledge and practical collaboration between the packaging industry and research. Both in his speech at the signing and afterwards, Ge Jianghe, who is executive vice president for the China Packaging Federation, emphasised that this agreement will be taken seriously and a lot of effort will be put into making it effective. "The Swedish packaging industry has made a very good impression on us and we would be delighted to share experiences," he stated.

The signing took place in the presence of, among others; Mats Helmfrid (M), the Chairman of the Lund County Council and Per Nyström, CEO of Flextrus and Å & R Carton, and the Chairman of Packbridge.

Ge Jianghe was also the opening speaker at the Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge 2012. Among other things he presented an image of the Chinese packaging industry, which last year was worth USD 207 billion. "We are the world's largest country when it comes to manufacturing and export, and this clearly offers major opportunities for the packaging industry," he said. "Sweden has the technology; we have the market, so any collaboration has huge potential for becoming a win-win situation."

"It is important to be well positioned in a global knowledge network. I see this as a big and very interesting opportunity for all our members to have a closer relationship to packaging companies in one of the world's largest and fastest growing economies, "says Per-Stefan Gersbro, CEO of Packbridge.