Sciam Worldwide: Launch of innovative slurry density meter

Sciam Worldwide has introduced an innovation set to transform density measurement of slurries in processing applications. The in-line, continuous density meter, DM3, calculates density by measuring direct mass over a known volume within a flow tube.

By directly calculating density rather than inferring or estimation this technology improves the accuracy by more than 2.5%, claims the company. Originally designed to replace obsolete technologies for the mining and dredging industries, Sciam says that the DM3 has proven to be safer and more cost effective than hazardous nuclear techniques or inefficient auto-sampling within any slurry processing operation.

The DM3 effortlessly measures abrasive media thanks to its highly resilient gum-rubber lined flow tube with customization options for high pressure and extreme temperature applications, explains Sciam.

An example of the density measurement systems use is the calculation of % dry solids of zircon slurry in a mining application in the north of Florida. The DM3 is also implemented to measure mass flow and density of waste sludge as it is transported from sewage lagoons in waste processing operations of major US cities.